The Project

We are tired of simply posting our condolences on social media. We are using what we know best, technology, to make a difference against violent massacres.

From The Founder . . .

I founded this organization after hearing Emma Gonzalez's powerful speech. Growing up with Columbine, I was tired of hearing friends and family being impacted, without being able to do anything about it. So I naturally took the areas I am specialized in, artificial intelligence and data mining. Currently, over 105 teenagers, policymakers, and industry professionals are participating in this project.

So what do we do? We analyze historical gun violence data according to factors such as the socioeconomic status of the perpetrator and the availability of firearms in the affected state. We then implement predictive analytics into software such as Tableau to find the likelihood/prevalence of the next attack.

But I realize we need to advocate for our beliefs. Our collaboration platform brings together people from all walks of life to work with teenagers to change policies/ raise awareness of impacted survivors. If we can, we want to prevent the next massacre through campaigns that unite student bodies against a common purpose.

Shreya Nallapati



Shreya Nallapati


Shreya Nallapati is the founder of this organization. See above to read a message from her.

Gianna Williams


Hello! I’m Gianna and I'm currently a freshman at American University in Washington D.C studying Computer Science while pursuing a minor in Entrepreneurship and Sociology. Some of my programming interests include web development, Artificial Intelligence, and data science. As a computer programmer and software engineer, my overarching goal is to develop important and efficient solutions that positively influence real-world innovation and build lasting foundations for businesses and marginalized people. Overall, I want to simply do cool things that impact the community with good people! Gianna is very excited about using technology to bring voices to more marginalized victims of gun violence, especially minorities who are victims of police brutality in urban areas and victims of domestic violence.

Nicole Meister


Nicole Meister is a student at Princeton University, class of 2022, studying Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. She's extremely excited to work on this project from the data analytics perspective because it perfectly aligns with her interests of using data and information sciences to positively impact the world.

Prat Pillari


Prathyusha is a junior at University of Washington, majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering. This past summer, she worked at Microsoft in the Office 365 division on iOS mobile development. She is the founding president of a Her Campus Media chapter on her campus and is also an officer with the local ACM chapter. She is passionate about technology and its endless possibilities to change the world and make it better. In addition to technology, she’s passionate about photography, traveling and writing. She is excited to bring her talents to NAT and to use apps to save innocent lives.

Ananya Cleetus


Ananya Cleetus is a current junior at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a software engineer at Microsoft. When she's not coding, she's tinkering around with stuff, baking pecan pies, or making memes. A cool fact about Ananya is that she actually has a day named in her honor in the city of Pittsburgh. She's excited to be working on #NeverAgainTech, leading the mental health initiatives of the group. She has experience firsthand with mental illness and wants to find a way to help sufferers of trauma from mass shootings and domestic abuse with technology.

Allison Liu


Allison is currently a junior in high school. She is very excited to be a part of the #NeverAgainTech community and serve as its Director of Web Development. She is very passionate about computer science as well as community service, and is looking forward to using her computer science skills to address real world issues. She hopes to extend #NeverAgainTech’s reach by working with a team of enthusiastic, young talents to develop and maintain its website.